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Get World-Class Childcare in Minutes

Anytime. Anywhere. Within any budget.

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Personal Sit at the kid’s parent’s house. Help my daughter with her English homework. Starts from £12 upto 1 hr.

Every kid, every parent deserves Pottiebee.

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Reliable & Quality-focused

A childcarer on Pottiebee is world-class, period. They go through a meticulously Onboarding process that assesses their expertise & knowledge. Those who don’t meet the standard are automatically eliminated. Furthermore, Pottiebee matches the skills & knowledge of a childcarer with the kid’s interests making every sit worthwhile to the kid.

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Easy & Super Fast

Get an experienced childcarer within seconds who is on average just 8 min away or find a Nursery nearby to look after your kid at any given time. No planning, scrolling or waiting needed. All it takes is a few phone taps. Download the Pottiebee App to get started.

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Any Budget / Situation

Choose where you want your kid to be taken care of according to your convenience & necessity — Childcarer’s House, Parent’s House Outdoors or a nearby Nursery. Furthermore, you have different options such as ‘sit type’ & ‘type of childcarer’ to suit your needs, budget & circumstance.

Childcare at your fingertips, in real time.



Select sit space, type, time, preferred traits of childcarer, your kid’s allergen info if any, special requests, etc. Get a childcarer in seconds who is just 8 minutes away.

Revolutionising the way childcare is provided & accessed.

Pottiebee makes quality-focused childcare accessible & affordable to every parent regardless of budget, location or circumstance.


Laser-focused on quality & reliability.

Every childcarer on Pottiebee is world-class, period.

Stringent Onboarding

Only the best childcarers are selected through a stringent onboarding Process that includes a fool-proof identity validation that is a combination of biometrics & AI powered identity DBS checks. Their childcare expertise, authenticity & knowledge are also carefully assessed & validated. And the final step is a face-to-face interview with a Pottiebee team member.

Quality Assessment

The quality of childcare provided by a childcarer is continually assessed based on the reviews given by parents & through a carefully designed internal system established to observe & evaluate every aspect of every sit. The different parameters used to assess the quality of childcare provided are: Professionalism, Creativity, Punctuality, Resourcefulness, Communication, Reliability & Accountability. If a childcarer falls short in any one of these parameters, they are immediately eliminated from the platform until further review.


A sit on Pottiebee is more than just a sit.

Interesting. Worthwhile. Unhindered.

More than just Childcare

A parent can add special requests for every sit such as ‘Bake something for my kid’ or ‘Take my kid out to practice’ or ‘Teach my kid something’ & so on. So no matter your kid’s agenda for the day, we’ll find you a childcarer who can cater to it.

Talented Childcarers

Add your kid’s favorite academic subjects, sports / hobbies & creative interests such as art or music. So we can match you with childcarers who are talented in what your kid loves or is curious about.