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Reinvent the Normal Structures of Upbringing

We dream of a world that is more understanding of our children, where they can falter & learn without being criticised, but instead nurtured to pursue their curiosities & natural talents. Our first step to achieving this dream is revolutionizing childcare.

Our Values

We’re humble
We’re humble, diverse & big dreamers

We’re confident in our abilities but continually broaden our thinking through self-assessment & peer-critique. Everybody is beautifully unique & we believe when different personalities & perspectives come together, originality unfolds. Our lack of pride enables us to flourish & make the smallest of decisions that are in line with our big goals.

We ideate
We ideate, adapt & evolve continually

We foster an environment that iteratively tests ideas & processes so we can learn, adapt & get better every time. All voices are equal here, so if you have an idea that holds potential, we will test it out no matter your role or senority. We passionately strive towards quality, perfection & innovation that genuinely enriches the livesof kids and parents.

We play
We play as much as we work

We don’t take ourselves too seriously. We believe one can be fierce and ‘chill’ at the same time. The proverb, ‘all work & no play makes Jack a dull boy’ is profoundly dear to us. We replace office politics with humor. We believe an all-rounded life is quintessential to a well-balanced mind.

We acknowledge
We acknowledge talent, grit & perseverance

We hire people we admire & truly cherish every team member. We seek people who’re talented, passionate & have a gumption to excel in everything they do. We acknowledge ‘true hustle’ in the midst of adversity. We try to learn from our failures as much as our successes.

Our Open Roles.

Headquartered in London, we’re an eclectic team of complementing forward thinkers made up of data-scientists, engineers, mathematicians, designers, child psychologists & specialists who are passionate, focused & collaborative. Our vision is huge but achievable with the best minds.

Android Engineer

An engineer who knows the intricacies & capabilities the Android platform holds & manifests.

London, UKApply
Front-end Engineer

A front-end engineer who uses the ever-changing, fluid webpage as a canvas to communicate.

London, UKApply
Experience Designer

A designer whose mind wanders around with the wind just to settle with clarity.

London, UKApply
Data Scientist

A scientist who is intrigued by the vastness & the omnipresent yet elusive nature of flowing data.

London, UKApply
Machine Learning Engineer

An engineer who dwells on stretching the possibilites of AI to make things understandable.

London, UKApply
Back-end Architect

A back-end engineer who knows that the organisation of things is crucial to the functioning.

London, UKApply

We’re always on the lookout for real talent. Write to careers@pottiebee.com if you fit into any of the above roles or one that's not mentioned (including internships) & we promise to get back to you.