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Predict your earnings in one day*

Upto 1 hr

£12 - £22

Upto 3 hrs

£36 - £100

Upto 5 hrs

£70 - £160

Upto 7 hrs

£81 - £190

7 to 9 hrs

£81 - £270

* Above is an estimated range of earnings of an individual childcarer on Pottiebee in one day based on the hours. Earnings also depend on one’s level of expertise & ongoing performance. The above estimation is higher during peak hours as ‘Prime Time’ pricing is applied.

Pottiebee connects & recommends childcarers to parents in need of childcare.

Why be a Childcarer on Pottiebee

Earn a Plentiful
Earn a Plentiful

Only the best childcarers are selected to be on Pottiebee. If you’re one of them & you consistently provide quality- focused childcare, every single sit. Then rest assured, you can make a handsome living taking care of kids.

Be Your Own Boss
Be Your Own Boss

Earn on your own time. You decide your schedule, sit preferences such as the age group of kids you’re comfortable taking care of, or sit spaces — such as your own house,the kid’s parent’s house or outdoors.

Insurance & Support
Insurance & Support

Where kids are, things tend to break! We know that & that’s why Pottiebee has you covered for any damages incurred during the sit. Our support team is also there to assist & advice you on pressing matters.

The Onboarding Process

Think you can make the cut?

Every single childcarer on Pottiebee is world-class, nothing short of it. Think you can meet our standards? Here’s how to get started. Good Luck!

Install the Pottiebee App

Download & install the Pottiebee App & signup as a childcarer.

Experience & Verification

Answer questions about your expertise & verify your identity.

In Person Interview

Schedule an in person appointment with Pottiebee.

How does Pottiebee work?

Step 1 screenStep 2 screenStep 3 screenStep 4 screen


Install the Pottiebee App. Signup as a Childcarer & successfully complete the ‘Onboarding Process’


Set your sit preferences such as preferred sit spaces, time availability & your location.


Accept sit request.


Complete ‘sit’ & earn money.

circular arrow
circular arrow


All our childcarers are extremely talented & knowledgeable at childcare & focus solely on delivering quality-focused childcare, every time, every sit. Because Pottiebee makes everything else, child’s play!


Flexible Preferences

Work when you want. Rest when you want. Select sit preferences that suit your lifestyle.


Set your availability in real-time & in advance that suits your schedule.

Location & Sit Spaces

Get sit requests based on your location & convenience at that moment. You can accordingly set your preferred sit spaces — Your Own House (available only to Ofsted approved Chilminders), Kid’s Parent’s House or Outdoors (office spaces, parks, etc).

Age Group of Kids

Set the age group of kids you’re comfortable taking care of.

Sit Type

Decide the type of sits you want to accept — Personal (looking after kids of only one parent) or Bee-hive (looking after kids of 2 to 3 parents thereby doubling your earnings for the same duration).