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Individual Childcarers

About Pottiebee

Pottiebee connects & recommends world-class childcarers to parents in need of childcare. So if you are a childcarer who consistently provides quality-focused childcare, then Pottiebee is the place to thrive.

How much can I earn as a childcarer?

A childcarer can earn anywhere between £12 - £270 per day depending on the number of hours & one’s ‘performance score’.

How do I become a childcarer on Pottiebee & start earning?

Install the Pottiebee App & onboard as a Childcarer.
Answer questions about yourself, your childcare expertise & verify your identity.
Successfully pass the face-to-face interview with a Pottiebee team member.
Set up your earning account & set your sit preferences such as preferred sit spaces, time availability & your location.
Accept sit request.
Your earnings will be wired to you automatically after you complete the ‘sit’.

Can I set my own time availability?

Yes. Every childcarer can set their own time availability that suits their schedule.

What other ‘sit preferences’ are under my control?

Location & Sit Spaces - Get sit requests based on your location & convenience at that moment. You can accordingly set your preferred sit spaces — Your Own House (available only to Ofsted approved Childminders), Kid’s Parent’s House or Outdoors (office spaces, parks, etc).

Age group of kids - Set the age group of kids you’re comfortable taking care of.

Sit Type - Decide the type of sits you want to accept — Personal (looking after kids of only one parent) or Bee-hive (looking after kids of 2 to 3 parents thereby doubling your earnings for the same duration).

What is a sit space?

A sit space is the primary place where the kid you’re taking care of is hosted during the sit. You decide your preferred sit spaces that are shown below.

Childcarer’s House (only for Ofsted registered childminders)
Kid’s parent’s house
Outdoors (parks, schools, office spaces, etc)

What are the different sit types?

You can choose to be available for the following sit types.

Personal - Taking care of kids of one parent only.
Bee-hive - Taking care of kids of 2-3 parents. Maximum number of kids in one slot is 5.

Will my performance as a childcarer be monitored?

Yes, the quality of childcare provided by you will be assessed and monitored based on the following parameters.

Professionalism - your commitment, resourcefulness & responsibility.
Creativity - Handling situations & making the sit worthwhile & interesting to the kid.
Communication - Communicating & providing prompt sit updates.
Punctuality - Arriving on time & your general time sense.
Reliability - Canceling sit requests that are directed to you based on your sit preferences.
Accountability - Canceling sit requests after accepting it.

What impact does my ‘performance score’ have on my earnings?

The number of sit requests directed to you by our AI powered algorithm depends on your score. Also the top-performing childcarers on the platform are recommended to parents in the ‘We Recommend’ section. Hence, the better your score, the more you earn. And if you consistently deliver quality-focused childcare & continually improve, you also get to enjoy your fair share of perks & incentives.

Can I decline sit requests?

Yes. But every time you decline a sit request or cancel a sit request after accepting it, your ‘performance score’ reduces greatly. As we expect every childcarer to be completely accountable to their sit preferences. And if a childcarer declines or cancels three or more sit requests within a short span, then they will be eliminated from the platform until further review.

Therefore, please ensure that you are confident & comfortable with sit preferences you set for yourself. Because every childcarer on Pottiebee is world-class & nothing short of it.