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About Pottiebee

Pottiebee provides world-class childcare in minutes anywhere, at anytime. No referrals, planning or waiting anymore.

Why should you trust Pottiebee?

Every childcarer on Pottiebee is world-class. Period. Every childcarer goes through a stringent Onboarding Process that includes a fool-proof identity validation, thorough assessment of childcare knowledge & expertise & an in-person interview. Only the top 10% of childcarers are selected to be on Pottiebee as we have zero tolerance for mediocrity.

Our childccarers come from an array of disciplines, each one original & creative in their own way, talented & knowledgable across a broad spectrum of things. Some are nurses, midwives, teachers & stay at home mothers among many others. Yet they all share the same values with a genuine passion to understand & nurture kids.

How fast is Pottiebee?

With the combination of Data Science & Machine Learning, our AI powered platform finds you an experienced world-class childcarer within seconds who is just a few minutes away from you.

Where is my kid hosted during the sit?

You can choose where you want your kid to be hosted during the sit according to your convenience & necessity. It could be the childcarer’s house, your own house or your friend’s house, outdoors (parks, schools, office spaces, etc.) or a nearby nursery.

How are childcarers assessed?

The quality of childcare provided by a childcarer is continually assessed based on the reviews given by parents & through a carefully designed internal system established to observe & evaluate every aspect of every sit. The different parameters used to assess the quality of childcare provided are: Professionalism, Creativity, Punctuality, Resourcefulness, Communication, Reliability & Accountability. If a childcarer falls short in any one of these parameters, they are immediately eliminated from the platform until further review.

What’s a sit like on Pottiebee?

Every sit on Pottiebee is so much more than just childcare. Pottiebee’s super intellient AI matches your kid with childcarers who are talented in what your kid loves or is curious about, be it academics, hobbies, creative interests.

Can I keep a track of my kid’s sit?

You can effortlessly be on top of your kid’s sit through timely sit statuses & sit stories updated by your childcarer. You can also contact your childcarer by phone or text through the Pottiebee App. And our support team is always there on call or email to assist you on any pressing matters.

Will I know the sit fee before I confirm a sit?

Yes, you will know how much you’re going to pay for a sit before you confirm. No hidden fees applied. However, if there is a delay caused by you (the kid’s parent), there is a very small late fee applied to compensate the childcarer.

Can I repeat a previous childcarer?

Yes, certainly. You can repeat a childcarer who has previously taken care of your kids on Pottiebee.

How does Pottiebee work?

Anyone can use Pottiebee because it’s that simple. All it takes is a few taps. Just download the Pottiebee App to get started.