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Why register your Nursery on Pottiebee

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Earn at Full Capacity Everyday

Most nurseries do not function at full capacity. They end up having around 20% - 40% of their seats unfilled on a daily basis. This is due to some kids not turning up due to many unforseeen reasons such as sickness & so on. So technically, a lost income for the Nursery. Now Pottiebee allows a Nursery to fill those unfilled seats at discounted prices & earn at full capacity every single day.

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Just update the number of seats that are available in your Nursery every morning & Pottiebee will take care of the rest. That includes the payment being automatically wired after the sit is completed. And the identity of all parents & their kids that come to your Nursery through Pottiebee are verified & validated.

Registering Your Nursery *

How to Get Started

Sign up as a Nursery on the website.
Onboard by entering the Nursery’s info such as ‘Ofsted Registration’, no. of Nannies & capacity.
Schedule an in-person appointment with the Pottiebee Team.
* Only those Nurseries registered with the Ofsted are eligible